Many patients, especially those in whom stroke , epilepsy, headache are diagnosed, have brought forth the “real” problems of our society we live in.. They are being treated by quacks, non medicos & black magic. Patients & relatives are unaware of the diseases, treatment options due to misconceptions, lack of knowledge and dearth of education.

Many times patients are misguided by the unnecessary fear of a seemingly simple treatment for a disease and then they suffer physically, mentally and financially. This is due to past experiences of own self or near and dear ones, who may have different disease or due to lack of medical facilities at that time.

Medical field is ever changing and progressing. It is our duty to percolate this “new information” to the people who matter and the society at large.

We doctors do try and inculcate knowledge, teach our patients and remove various misconceptions in our daily practice. We need to reach out to the society and create a positive atmosphere regarding many neurological diseases diagnosis & treatment aspects.

Stroke is totally preventable & cured by enlarge. There is lack of awareness regarding stroke. Through our trust we are starting various initiatives like.

Risk screening camp – Patients risk factors are identified and various battery of investigations are done at a very nominal amount & stroke risk is calculated & treated accordingly.

Stroke awareness programme – we will take various initiatives for general public to identify facts& myths of stroke, how to minimize stroke risk, importance of golden hour & best possible treatment, care & support for stroke patients & life after stroke

All these above issues have made us start “Arihant Health Foundation” as we always need a platform to carry on social activities. Main objectives of our trust are:


  •  To organize & conduct free medical checkups, camps & social educational & institute programs.
  •  To conduct stroke awareness programmes and educate society about stroke treatment.
  •  To conduct life after stroke programs at various places.
  •  To offer free treatment for patients of headache, epilepsy & stroke.
  •  To start a comprehensive stroke center
  •  To provide monetary help for needy patients who need therapy like carotid & vertebral artery stenting, aneurysm coiling , AVM embolization
  •  To raise funds for treating various neurological disorders like stroke, epilepsy, dementia, Parkinsons’ disease, etc.
  •  To raise funds for various neurointerventional treatment procedures for non-affordable patients suffering from carotid & vertebral artery stenosis, intracranial stenosis, brain aneurysms, AVM & acute stroke management.
  •  To conduct various clinical trials & research in the field of stroke & other neurological disorders

We are confident that we will create awareness for all health-related problems in our society through our trust.


Dr SHAILESH R SHAH ( Vice President – ARIHANT Health Foundation)

NEHA SHRIPAL SHAH ( Secretary – ARIHANT Health Foundation)

Address :-

ARIHANT Health Foundation Reg. No. E-235 ARIHANT NEUROCENTER Shraddha Hospital , Behind Kulkarni Garden Sharanpur Road Nashik Maharashtra 422002 Tel. No. 0253- 2574300